Volume 28 — Fall 2015

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Regulae Americanae

by Duncan G. Stroik


Contemplating the Kingdom: The Need for Re-Iconization in Our Own Time

by Aidan Nichols, O.P.

Spatial Sacrality and the Budgetary Wrecking Ball

by Anatole Upart

Rural Mission, Saint James the Greater in South Carolina

by Diana Garnett

Churches or Museums: Where Does Original Artwork Belong?

by Oddbjørn Sørmoen

Stephansdom: The Beloved Cathedral of Vienna

by Joanna Diane Caytas

Cathedral Thinking: A Centennial Celebration of the Cathedral of Saint Paul

by Larry Morgan


To Symbolize Our Christian Faith and Christian Love: First Sermon in the Cathedral of Saint Paul

by Archbishop John Ireland

Book Reviews

Painted Glories: The Brancacci Chapel in Renaissance Florence


Nicholas A. Eckstein

reviewed by Sara Nair James

Lost Classroom, Lost Community


Margaret F. Brinig and Nicole Stelle Garnett

reviewed by Will Seath

The Making of Assisi: The Pope, the Franciscans and the Painting of the Basilica


Donal Cooper and Janet Robson

reviewed by Dianne Phillips

Transcending Architecture: Contemporary Views on Sacred Space


Ed. Julio Bermudez

reviewed by Kyle Dugdale

Christ is Here! Studies in Biblical and Christian Archaeology in Memory of Michele Piccirillo, OFM


Ed. L. Daniel Chrupacala

reviewed by Thomas D. Stroka

De Arte Sacra