Notre-Dame and Modern Secular France

Early in 2019 the spire of the Paris cathedral had disappeared under scaffolding as it was undergoing restoration.

A Damaged House to Be Restored

After Notre-Dame burned, most non-specialists assumed that a monument of its importance would be restored to its former state.

The Cathedral and the Island

Reconstruction according to a divine masterplan is the key to life.

It Ought to Be Gothick

In 1681, the great Christopher Wren was called upon to add a bell tower (today known as Tom Tower) to the unfinished gatehouse of the Great Quadrangle of Christ Church in Oxford.

We Must Rebuild it as it was Before

Just hours ago I was at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. As I entered the gutted church, and contemplated its ruined vaults, I could not help but see in it a symbol of the situation of Western civilization and of the Church in Europe.