Editorial: Subruit Haec Aevi Demoliturque Prioris Robora

The Romans called it damnatio memoriae. When we deface or destroy an image of a leader, we reject his rule as illegitimate and call for the ending of his memory.

Angelic Choirs in Naples: Seventeenth-Century Convent Churches

​Gabriele Zarri formulated the term recinti sacri or “sacred enclosures” to describe how convents represented sacred spaces that assumed a decidedly female character.

Viollet-le-Duc, The Hôtel Dieu, and the Vincentians: The Transformation of the Parvis of Notre-Dame

An Architecture for the Poor

​When some of us think of architecture for the poor, we think of the Los Angeles Cathedral.

The Newman Guide to Communal Worship

The Church is people, true. We can get by if we have to with Mass any old place. But the Church requires churches.