Volume 16 — Fall 2009

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Pulchritudo Tam Antiqua et Tam Nova

by Duncan G. Stroik


The Luminosity of Peruvian Churches

by Hans S. B. Roegele

Depicting the Whole Christ: Hans Urs von Balthasar and Sacred Architecture

by Philip Nielsen

The People or the Steeple?  An Examination of Sacramental Architecture among Parishioners

by Kevin C. Manning, Nicholas J. Watkins, and Kathryn H. Anthony

A Roman Christmas Ritual: Micro-Architecture and the Theatre of the Presepio

by Christopher Longhurst

Called to Beauty through Iconography

by Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J


Seeking the Light of True Faith: Homily from the Reopening of the Pauline Chapel

by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI


Book Reviews

The Art of the Sublime: Principles of Christian Art and Architecture


Roger Homan

reviewed by Michael Morris, O.P.

Churches for the Southwest: The Ecclesiastical Architecture of John Gaw Meem


Stanford Lehmberg

reviewed by Norman Crowe

Temples for Protestants


Per Gustaf Hamberg

reviewed by Gretchen Buggeln