Volume 3 — Winter 2000

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Domus Dei et Porta Coeli

by Duncan G. Stroik


Architecture and the Mystery of the Incarnation

by Peter M.J. Stravinskas

Symbols in Sacred Architecture and Iconongraphy

by Camilian Demetrescu

Veiling the Mysteries

by Michael R. Carey

Saint Thomas Aquinas and Church Architecture

by Giles R. Dimock

Church Restoration, Renovation & the Third Millennium

by Michael S. Rose

The Constantinian Episcopal Basilica

by Franz Bauer

Fearful of Our Architectural Patrimony

by Thomas Gordon Smith

Eucharistic Tabernacles: A Typology

by M. Francis Mannion

Book Reviews

Reconquering Sacred Space

by Cristiano Rosponi and Giampaolo Rossi
reviewed by Jan Maciag

Art and Crusade in the Age of St. Louis

by Daniel H Weiss
reviewed by Christopher Olaf Blum