Michael S. Rose

Michael S. Rose is author of three books on church architecture: Ugly As Sin, The Renovation Manipulation, and In Tiers of Glory. He is editor of dellachiesa.com.

Articles by Michael S. Rose

Church Architecture and the Corporal Works of Mercy

When Father John McGuire left the United States to serve as a missionary priest in Cali, Colombia, he quickly came to realize the extreme need of the common people on the streets—those who have been most affected by the illegal drug trafficking and the many civil war conflicts.

The Future of Restoration & Renewal

With hindsight, many are waking up to the fact that the experimental church architecture designed and built in the latter half of the twentieth century has miserably failed the Catholic people.

Antoni Gaudi: God’s Architect

Sagrada Familia is the most renowned building designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, whose cause for beatification was opened last year by the Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona.