Thomas Gordon Smith

Thomas Gordon Smith, AIA, is principal of the firm Thomas Gordon Smith Architects and is professor of architecture at the University of Notre Dame. His design work at a Benedictine monastery in Oklahoma, a seminary in Nebraska and other ecclesiastical and civic projects can be seen at

Articles by Thomas Gordon Smith

An Architect’s Delightful Capriccio

Three years ago, Kerry Downes published a compilation of at least thirty years of organization, analysis, and interpretation: Borromini’s Book.

Fearful of Our Architectural Patrimony

The draft document of Domus Dei was presented to the Catholic Bishops of the United States at their November 1999 meeting. It is intended to be a properly sanctioned replacement for Environment and Art in Catholic Worship, a 1978 tract that is generally acknowledged to be outdated in its promotion of bland Modernist structures and iconoclastic liturgical settings. The current draft of the more aptly titled Domus Dei is an improvement on its predecessor. However, the draft document falls short of its purpose. This is particularly clear in view of the growing body of architects who prefer to speak the Church’s timeless Latin in contemporary ecclesiastical buildings, rather than the trendy vernacular of Modernism.