Volume 22 — Fall 2012

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De Artis Sacrae Historia Eiusque Evolutione

by Duncan G. Stroik


Bene et Firmiter

by Cassian Folsom, OSB

Conjoining Rood and Road

by Michael E. DeSanctis

Thirteenth, Greatest of Centuries?

by Randall B. Smith

Concern for the Spirit

by Karla Britton

A Chorus of Praise

by Uwe Michael Lang


Peter: The Foundation of the Church

by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Book Reviews

Transition to Christianity: Art of Late Antiquity, 3rd-7th Century AD


Anastasia Lazaridou, ed.

reviewed by Thomas F.X. Noble

The Eighteenth-Century Church in Britain


Terry Friedman

reviewed by John W. Stamper

Borromini’s Book: The Full Relation of The Building of the Roman Oratory


Francesco Borromini and Virgilio Spada, Trans. by Kerry Downes

reviewed by Thomas Gordon Smith

De Arte Sacra