Volume 27 — Spring 2015

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Ecclesia Quaerens Artes

by Duncan G. Stroik


Another Look at the Rood Screen in the Italian Renaissance

by Marcia B. Hall

In the Image and Likeness

by Anthony Visco

China’s Tale of Two Churches

by Anthony E. Clark

The Alphabet of Giants

by Dale Ahlquist

Starting Again from Zero?

by Ciro Lomonte

The Christian as Pilgrim, the Church as Home

by Kurt Belsole, O.S.B.


Serving the Church Through Architecture

by The Most Rev. Kevin C. Rhoades

Book Reviews

The Experience of Beauty in the Middle Ages

by Mary Carruthers
reviewed by Jordan Wales

George Frederick Bodley and the Later Gothic Revival in Britain and America

by Evan McWilliams
reviewed by Evan McWilliams

Bramante’s Tempietto, the Roman Renaissance, and the Spanish Crown

by Jack Freiberg
reviewed by Victor Deupi