Volume 15 — Spring 2009

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Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam et Beatae Mariae Virginis

by Duncan G. Stroik


The Elusive Spire: The Cathedrals of Saint John the Baptist and Saint Finbar

by Ralph Muldrow

Bearers of the Heavenly Jerusalem: Vatican II and Development in Church Architecture

by Denis McNamara

Tamquam Cor in Pectore: The Eucharistic Tabernacle Before and After the Council of Trent

by Uwe Michael Lang

The Church and the Neighborhood: Past, Present, and Future

by Eric Osth

Crown Jewel in the Hills: Saint Hugo Stone Chapel, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

by William J. Turner

Sacred Art of Today: Is It Art and Is It Sacred?

by Steen Heidemann

Architectural Unity and Rhetoric: The Patronage of Carlo Borromeo

by John Alexander

The Lonely God: Oakland Cathedral in the Light of Tradition

by Matthew Alderman


All Great Works of Art are an Epiphany of God: From Pope Benedict XVI’s Dialogue in Bressanone

by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Book Reviews

Painterly Perspective and Piety

by John F. Moffitt
reviewed by Duncan G. Stroik

From Meetinghouse to Megachurch: A Material and Cultural History

by Anne C. Loveland and Otis B. Wheeler
reviewed by Lauren Beaupre

The Architecture of Ralph Adams Cram and His Office

by Ethan Anthony
reviewed by Michael J. Lewis