Ralph Muldrow

Ralph Muldrow is an architect and the Simons Professor of Architecture and Historic Preservation at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. His design and preservation work includes numerous churches.

Articles by Ralph Muldrow

Nowhere’s Ville

In his usual thorough and thought-provoking manner, Wall Street Journal architectural critic Michael  Lewis’ book describes attempts at creating the perfect society in written and architectural forms.

Stories Behind the Sanctuaries

Yes, there were times I questioned my sanity, but those doubts would evaporate when I would find an offbeat landmark or better, an eager person with local knowledge,” Bill Fitzpatrick writes.

The Elusive Spire: The Cathedrals of Saint John the Baptist and Saint Finbar

The golden glow of late-day sunlight bathes the hand-carved stars on the ruddy brownstone ashlar of Saint John the Baptist Cathedral in Charleston, SC. The astral allusions merge with the robust pinnacles lining the sides of this fine cathedral, designed by the prolific nineteenth-century church architect Patrick Keely. As the pinnacles and buttresses march down the side of the church, we come to Broad Street, where there is space enough to stand back and view the tower of the church, which climbs to a great height—over eighty feet—and yet still longs to regain much more height.