Lauren Beaupre

Lauren Beaupre is a Ph.D. student in the History Department at the University of Notre Dame. She is currently researching the relationship between religion and urban development in Memphis, Tennessee.

Articles by Lauren Beaupre

A Sense of Sacrality: From Meetinghouse to Megachurch

Do the increasingly ubiquitous evangelical megachurches that dot the national landscape represent something new in either Protestant architecture or American culture? In their book, From Meetinghouse to Megachurch: A Material and Cultural History, authors Anne C. Loveland and Otis B. Wheeler respond to this question with an emphatic “No.” Rather than representing something new, Loveland and Wheeler contend that evangelical megachurches are part of an ongoing evolution whose antecedents include Puritan meetinghouses, revival tents, tabernacles, and mainline Protestant churches. A sense of continuity that persists even as American church architecture changes is the book’s major theme.