Volume 35 — Spring 2019

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Mundum Pulchritudo Salvum Faciet

by Duncan G. Stroik


S.O.S: Save Our Spire

by Duncan G. Stroik

Spiritual Exercises: Muziano’s Circumcision Altarpiece

by Alphonso L. Pinto

Comfort or Beauty? Assessing Aesthetics and Mission in Protestant Church Design

by Rev. Dr. Matthew Niermann

He is Here

by David Mills

Reciprocity Between Window and Wall in Renaissance Florence

by Virginia Raguin


A Living and Fruitful Root: Consecration of an Altar at Santa Maria la Antigua

by Pope Francis

Book Reviews

How Catholic Art Saved the Faith: The Triumph of Beauty in Counter-Reformation Art


Elizabeth Lev

reviewed by Anthony Visco

Sacred Ritual, Profane Space: The Roman House as Early Christian Meeting Place


Jenn Cianca

reviewed by Uwe Michael Lang

The Church of Saint-Eustache in the Early French Renaissance


Anne-Marie Sankovitch

reviewed by Simone Zurawski

The Mystic Cave: A History of the Nativity Church at Bethlehem


Michele Bacci

reviewed by Rev. Anthony Giambrone, OP

The Art and Science of the Church Screen in Medieval Europe: Making, Meaning, Preserving


Edited by Spike Bucklow, Richard Marks, and Lucy Wrapson

reviewed by Dianne Phillips

American Catholics and the Church of Tomorrow: Building Churches for the Future


Catherine R. Osborne

reviewed by Karla Britton

Sacred Architecture in a Secular Age: Anamnesis of Durham Cathedral


Marie Clausén

reviewed by Nathaniel Gotcher

De Arte Sacra