Simone Zurawski

Simone Zurawski, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of History of Art & Architecture, DePaul University, and a member of the Board of the Vincentian Studies Institute of America. This article is partly based on her forthcoming book, The Iconographie of the “Heroic” Saint Vincent de Paul & The Foundings: Origins and Exceptionality in the Salons of the Bourbon Restoration, 1817 to 1824, which will be published as an e-Book, with open access, by the Vincentian Studies Institute of America. You are welcome to contact her at: For more on the reliquary casket of Saint Vincent de Paul, see her article in Issue 30 of Sacred Architecture.

Articles by Simone Zurawski

Viollet-le-Duc, The Hôtel Dieu, and the Vincentians: The Transformation of the Parvis of Notre-Dame

Paradox: Gothic Becomes Classic

Anne-Marie Sankovitch’s opus stands tall in its purpose to demolish tired narratives based on dichotomies between structure and ornament, and the Gothic vis-à-vis the Italian Renaissance, as she does in The Church of Saint-Eustache in the Early French Renaissance, a careful study of the most important French Renaissance church and the only parish church in Paris to be raised in the sixteenth century.

The Alliance des Arts, The Chapelle des Lazaristes and the Reliquary Shrine of Saint Vincent de Paul

Located at number 93 rue de Sèvres, and just down the block from the Bon Marché department store in the chic VIème arrondissement, is the Chapelle des Lazaristes, which exemplifies the Catholic Renouveau movement of nineteenth-century France.