Simone Zurawski

Simone Zurawski, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of History of Art & Architecture, DePaul University, and a member of the Board of the Vincentian Studies Institute of America. This article is partly based on her forthcoming book, The Iconographie of the “Heroic” Saint Vincent de Paul & The Foundings: Origins and Exceptionality in the Salons of the Bourbon Restoration, 1817 to 1824, which will be published as an e-Book, with open access, by the Vincentian Studies Institute of America. You are welcome to contact her at: For more on the reliquary casket of Saint Vincent de Paul, see her article in Issue 30 of Sacred Architecture

Articles by Simone Zurawski

Paradox: Gothic Becomes Classic

Anne-Marie Sankovitch’s opus stands tall in its purpose to demolish tired narratives based on dichotomies between structure and ornament, and the Gothic vis-à-vis the Italian Renaissance, as she does in The Church of Saint-Eustache in the Early French Renaissance, a careful study of the most important French Renaissance church and the only parish church in Paris to be raised in the sixteenth century.