Volume 23 — Spring 2013

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Benedictus XVI et Via Pulchritudinis

by Duncan G. Stroik


Archeology as Friend or Foe

by David Watkin

A Noble Radiance

by Brian W. MacMichael

Bene et Firmiter

by Cassian Folsom, OSB

The Liturgy in the Thought of Benedict XVI

by Giles R. Dimock


Beacon to Illuminate the World

by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Book Reviews

Thresholds of the Sacred: Architectural, Art Historical, Liturgical, and Theological Perspectives

by Sharon E.J. Gerstel
reviewed by Thomas D. Stroka

The Liturgical Altar

by Geoffrey Webb
reviewed by Duncan G. Stroik

Real Presence: Sacrament Houses and the Body of Christ, c. 1270-1600

by Series Architectura Medii Aevi, Vol. IV
reviewed by Steven Schloeder

Altars Restored: The Changing Face of English Religious Worship, 1547-c.1700

by Kenneth Fincham and Nicholas Tyacke
reviewed by Duncan G. Stroik

Jerusalem on the Hill: Rome and the Vision of Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Renaissance

by Marie Tanner
reviewed by Tod A. Marder