Editorial: Iesus Autem Abscondit Se

Every year I am struck visually and spiritually by Passiontide.

The Poverty of the Church and the Beauty of the Liturgy

Is there a place for the beauty of the liturgy in what Pope Francis calls “a Church which is poor and for the poor”?

Ontoluminescence: Bright God and Brilliant Creatures in Thomas Aquinas

“The discussion of the beautiful occupies a marginal place in Thomas’s work.”

Such a premonishment is very nearly de rigueur for essays on the theme of beauty in the works of Thomas Aquinas.

A Magnificent Witness: Our Lady of the Angels Mission, Chicago

As unlikely as it seems, a mystical vision experienced by Saint Francis of Assisi eight centuries ago recently found a parallel in a twentieth-century Chicago church associated for decades with anxiety and terror.

The Human Figure and Contemporary Sacred Art

“The Beauty of all things in the world as well of architecture lay in proportion, the origin of which may be said is divine; for it derives from the body of Adam who was not only made by the divine hands of God, but shaped in His image and likeness.”