Editorial: Ab Urbe Condita

When you go to a great European city, you find beautiful spacious piazze, outdoor cafes, charming shops, fountains to sit near, and people to watch. For many today, that symbolizes the good city.

God the Father of Lights: C. S. Lewis on Christianity and Paganism

Most people would struggle to identify the church in Rome dedicated to Saint Mary and the Martyrs. But refer to it as “the Pantheon,” the home of all the gods, and everyone would immediately know what you are talking about.

Early Lutheran Church Architecture

The architectural implications of the Augsburg Confession were probably not top-of-mind for those who signed it in 1530.

An Education in Beauty: Saint Turibius Chapel Renovation at the Pontifical College Josephinum

On a lovely October afternoon I rode with William Burleigh to the Pontifical College Josephinum, he for the meeting of the board of trustees, and I to see the newly renovated and rededicated chapel of Saint Turibius.

Bigness of Touch: Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s magnificent Liverpool Cathedral commenced construction in 1904, shortly after his initial design, prepared at the age of twenty-two, had won a now-famous competition, and was finally completed seventy-four years later in 1978.