Volume 2 — Summer 1999

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Vocatio Architecti

by Duncan G. Stroik


The Purpose of a Church

by Peter Grant

Almost Religious

by Denis McNamara

Los Angeles and the Mission Revival

by Thomas Owen

A Philosopher Looks at Beauty

by William A Marra

Architecture of a Cloister- The New Benedictine Monastery

by John Burns

Introibo Ad Altare Dei

by Steven Semes

Environment and Art in Catholic Worship - A Critique

by Duncan G. Stroik

Book Reviews

The Beauty of Holiness and the Holiness of Beauty:  Art, Sanctity & the Truth of Catholicism

by John Saward
reviewed by Michael R. Carey

Notre-Dame, Cathedral of Amiens:  The Power of Change in Gothic

by Stephen Murray
reviewed by Christopher Olaf Blum