Carol Anne Jones

Carol Anne Jones holds a Masters in Medieval and Renaissance Literature from the University of Virginia and is currently pursuing a Masters in Systematic Theology at the Notre Dame Graduate School of Christendom College. Her writing credits include articles in Crisis, Catholic Faith, Celebrating Life, and America. She serves as director of religious education at St. Louis Parish in Alexandria, VA.

Articles by Carol Anne Jones

Shine Forth Upon Us in Thine Own True Glory

For the first thousand years of Christian catechesis (as well as thousands of years of Hebrew tradition), oral witness was the primary means of passing on the Faith. In medieval Europe, a new type of catechesis synthesized oral teaching with visual representations and became the standard for teaching, reinforcing, elucidating, and experiencing the Faith, a pedagogy that, to this day, is still intimately associated with the truths of the Catholic Faith: stained-glass windows.