Breda Ennis

Breda Catherine Ennis is Professor of Fine Arts at the American University of Rome, where she also hosts "Art on the Air" — a weekly art program on the secrets of Sacred Rome. Vatican Radio One-O-Five Live (Inspiration).

Articles by Breda Ennis

A Vacuum in the Spirit

While on my way in the car to see the new church built by Richard Meier on the outskirts of Rome, named 'God the Merciful Father" (in the original Italian, "Dio Padre Misericordioso"), two phrases kept coming into my mind from Pope John Paul II's Letter to Artists, in which he remarked: "even in situations where culture and the Church are far apart, art remains a kind of bridge to religious experience."

An Italian Connection

The connection referred to in the title is between a small church building in Rome—The Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Archetto—and the large and imposing Capitol Hill building in Washington.