Rolf Achilles

Rolf Achilles ( is an independent art historian and consultant with a special interest in the decorative arts.

Articles by Rolf Achilles

A Glorious Masterwork

The Glorious Masterworks of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, Missouri is an almost once-in-a-lifetime read on a single sacred space and its myriad of interlocking factors bound into a hefty, fascinating, profusely illustrated monograph. 

Neugotik: Brick Gothic in Germany, England, and the United States

Gottfried Semper wrote in 1846: “The impression made on the masses by a building is partly founded on reminiscences.”1 This certainly holds true for the Gothic, a style that for the masses has always evoked the awe of Christian grandeur and mysticism, if only in its soaring interiors and steeples.