Rodrigo Bollat Montenegro

Rodrigo Bollat Montenegro is the founding principal at RBM Architecture & Design, a firm that focuses on custom residential design, community urban planning, and the continuing adaptation of traditional values in architecture and urbanism in our modern world. Rodrigo is a licensed architect in the state of New York and in his native Guatemala, where his practice is based.

Articles by Rodrigo Bollat Montenegro

The Heart of the City: The Church in Latin America

The church is an integral part of the DNA of Latin American cities. From the great cathedral in a big city, to the parish church in the town, churches have always been, and still are, anchors that provide cohesion to the urban fabric.

The Architecture of the Simon Peter Memorial

Imagine what the Vatican and Rome would have looked like today if the popes, architects, and other masterminds of this architectural complex would have designed and built something to only commemorate the tragedy of Saint Peter’s death?