Kalinda Gathinji

Kalinda Gathinji, RA, AIA, is a project architect currently working on mixed-use multifamily residential buildings in Bethesda, Maryland. She graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in architecture and a Masters of Architectural Design and Urbanism.

Articles by Kalinda Gathinji

Globalist Architecture in Kenya

My experience of Kenyan sacred architecture left me hoping to encounter more of the rich, vibrant colors of the culture: the patterns and textures of its textiles, the delicacy of its bead work, and the character of its sculptures revealed, celebrated, and translated into the sacred architecture. What I found instead was that many of the churches are of an austere, minimalist aesthetic which hardly evokes the sacred nature of the space and the vibrancy of Kenyan culture.

Building the City of God

Few authors have considered the built environment in terms of Christianity. In his book The Space Between: A Christian Engagement with the Built Environment, Eric Jacobsen does just that.