Ian Agrell

In 1981, Ian Agrell was elected to the Master Carvers Association, the oldest and most prestigious association of wood and stone ornamentation in the United Kingdom. Ian directs all projects as the principal at Agrell Architectural Carving, and also teaches at his School of Classical Carving. Agrell Architectural Carving has done many restoration projects in English parish churches; the organ case carving for Our Lady of the Angels, Worcester, MA; and the construction and decoration of the organ case for the Cathedral of Saint Paul, MN. He also constructed and carved a ‘throne’ and two side chairs for Pope John Paul II.

Articles by Ian Agrell

Ornament for Worship

There is a tradition of woodcarving in my birthplace that includes some of my favorite examples of church architecture. I come from England’s “West Country” and lived in the small village of Milverton in Somerset.