Virginia Raguin

Virginia Chieffo Raguin, Ph.D. Yale University, is Distinguished Professor of Humanities at the College of the Holy Cross. She has published widely on religion, stained glass, and architecture. A member of the International Corpus Vitrearum, she has authored Stained Glass from its Origins to the Present (2003) and co-authored Stained Glass before 1700 in the Midwest United States (2002). In addition she has edited Art, Piety, and Destruction in the Christian West, 1500-1700, Ashgate, 2010. Her on-line book Style, Status, and Religion: America’s Pictorial Windows 1840-1950 presents a broad overview of the American experience and offers 450 downloadable images.

Articles by Virginia Raguin

Renaissance Churches of Troyes and Their Stained Glass

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, buildings carried great narrative themes, on the exterior by sculpture and on the interior by glass and wall painting.