Karla Cavarra Britton

Karla Cavarra Britton, who received her M.A. from Columbia University and Ph.D. from Harvard University, teaches at the Yale School of Architecture. She has written a monograph on Auguste Perret (2001) and edited the book Constructing the Ineffable: Contemporary Sacred Architecture (2010) and is currently writing Middle Ground/Middle East: Religious Sites in Urban Contexts.

Articles by Karla Cavarra Britton

Concern for the Spirit

“People will again go up to the religious community building, whose architectural prominence will command respect, and which can only be approached along a triumphal axis. Its great internal space will inspire us again, not because of a sacredly mystic devotion that makes us long for a transcendental world, but because of a devotion characterized by a reborn Dionysian joy.” – Hendrik Petrus Berlage