Editorial: Non Timebis a Sagitta Volante in Die

Prayers for deliverance are made. Heroic priests visit the sick and dying, and heroic medical personnel serve them. It is a time for the works of mercy. It is also a time for cornerstones.

The Domed Canopy in Byzantine Church Design

The famous sixth-century Constantinopolitan cathedral of Hagia Sophia epitomized the might of the Byzantine Empire.

Anomaly of Good Form: A Gothic Church in Shanghai, City of Modernity

While Beijing is a city of traditional Chinese architecture, identified by its emphasis on horizontality and sloped roofs, Shanghai is a city of Western modernity, marked by bright neon lights that illuminate the heights of soaring skyscrapers and monumental Neoclassical banks.

Horn of Salvation and Symbol of Chastity

The unicorn represents “our Lord’s Incarnation and sinless life”—a symbol of Jesus Christ and of purity. How did the unicorn come to be associated with Christ and purity?

Contemplating the Body of Christ: Caravaggio’s Entombment

As the lights dimmed on the Jubilee year of 1600, Caravaggio’s star was on the rise.