The Alliance des Arts, The Chapelle des Lazaristes and the Reliquary Shrine of Saint Vincent de Paul

Located at number 93 rue de Sèvres, and just down the block from the Bon Marché department store in the chic VIème arrondissement, is the Chapelle des Lazaristes, which exemplifies the Catholic Renouveau movement of nineteenth-century France.

The Second Theme of Architecture: Artistic Beauty: From Aesthetics Vol. II. Trans. Rev. Brian McNeil and John F. Crosby

The artistic beauty of buildings depends on very definite means: forms, proportions, material, color, and many other factors.

Renaissance Churches of Troyes and Their Stained Glass

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, buildings carried great narrative themes, on the exterior by sculpture and on the interior by glass and wall painting.

Forming the Imagination: Architectural Heritage and Church Downsizing in Chicago

In a 2010 TED lecture, musician David Byrne made the interesting and counterintuitive observation that musicians create music for particular spaces.

The Architecture of the Simon Peter Memorial

Imagine what the Vatican and Rome would have looked like today if the popes, architects, and other masterminds of this architectural complex would have designed and built something to only commemorate the tragedy of Saint Peter’s death?