Editorial: Mundum Pulchritudo Salvum Faciet

The list of artists, architects, and dancers who are canonized saints is not very long.

S.O.S: Save Our Spire

The French people have a lot of experience in rebuilding churches.

Spiritual Exercises: Muziano’s Circumcision Altarpiece

Built right after the Council of Trent, the Church of the Gesù (1568) stands in the heart of Rome on what seems to be an island flanked by streams of busy streets.

Comfort or Beauty? Assessing Aesthetics and Mission in Protestant Church Design

Over the past several decades Evangelical Protestant churches have sought to build buildings that differ from traditional church architecture in order to attract unchurched individuals to the church.

He is Here

It may have been partly the bright light, I admit, after all those crepuscular chapels.